Monday, March 16, 2020

Software Programmers essays

Software Programmers essays The pressure is hard upon programmers to achieve high marks and high degrees of knowledge and this means that the attributes and skills of a programmer will be of a high standard. Programmers require many abilities; patience, persistence, and the ability to work on difficult problems, especially under pressure. Ingenuity and imagination also are particularly important when programmers design solutions and test their work for bugs. The ability to work with abstract concepts and because programmers are expected to work in teams and interact directly with users, employers want programmers who are able to communicate with non-technical personnel and technical personnel. Programmers must have a desire to learn and keep current with the latest changes and advancements. One helpful attribute would be a liking for their job so as not to be left behind because the topic was thought boring. Good communication skills are vital as a lot of the work done by programmers are in teams and having a productive team will ensure better results. Communication skills involve; speaking and understanding other people in the team, making sure everyone understands where they're headed to keep the team focused. Understanding the client's needs involves good communication skills as the programmer need to ensure what the client wants is what he think the client wants. Programmers need to see if it's in their capabilities to achieve and what the client wants also. Its no good promising the impossible. Writing good documentation in your programming is an important communication skill as it will aid in future adaptations to the program. Good documentation also aids the understanding of an outside programmer, its nearly as important as the coding itself. When the program is being used a record needs to be kept of the changes that have been made to the program over the years so that any other alterations can be m ...

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