Monday, November 18, 2019

AICP Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

AICP - Research Paper Example An organization like American Society of CPAs relies so much on internal auditors. Such auditors need to apply and uphold the ethical principles such as integrity to give a basis on reliance on their judgment. Secondly, they need to observe objectivity that makes them not to be led by their interest but the truth. Confidentiality and competency are another lot that need to be observed. The most important aspect of ethical principles is their consistency maintenance, implementation, and determination of their effectiveness to an institution such as American Society of CPAs (Braxton, 2012). The maintenance of ethical code of professional conduct is the most important in making sense of the codes to the institution. The maintenance is due to ever changing conducts of the professionals working to an institution. It ensures that the most current code of ethics is consistent with demand of the institution. To fulfill the maintenance of code of ethics, surveillance need to be done continuously on the auditors behavior to note on any aspect that may compromise the professionalism of auditing. An institution like American Society of CPAs need to update the code of ethics now and then as the demand arises (Cascarino, 2007). According to Braxton (2012), the presence of sound code of ethics in any institution without implementation is as good as not having one. In that light, the implementation now brings the essence of the code of ethics. The implementation comes with changes that the code of ethics is made to fulfill. For an organization such as American society of CPAs to implement the code of ethics, it has to come up with institutional policies that will safe guide the interest of the code of ethics. If any auditor goes against the policy of observing the code of ethic then disciplinary action should be taken. It is only through institutionalization of policies that will ensure the code of ethics is

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